Optimism Shed by Parent

We can’t win every game. Today was a tough loss at Bedford, 1-0. The boys are playing well, but that does not always result in goals or wins. After the game, Wayland soccer parents have often provided snacks for the players. To the parents these are “snacks,” but to me they are often full course meals! Through many a stuffed mouth I have mumbled a hardy thanks!

Today we had the “snacks.” This time after the game often lends itself for conversations to occur with parents. One parent came up to me, smiling. In fact, win or lose, I have never noticed this parent to not smile. This parent lives and breathes optimism. And I thank the parent for this!

The wins and loses will really take care of themselves. Yet, if I continue to look at reasons to be optimistic with the team and the boys, we can really grow. We are a young team with relative inexperience throughout the field. But that will change as we work more together.

Yes, we lost to Bedford…but I continue to win because I learn from my players, fellow coaches, and … gasp, even parents.

Wayland just off(sides) in game with Masco

The boys had an early test against one of the premier teams in the state today at the stadium. Masconomet opened their season against the Warriors in a tenacious battle. Wayland had a few scoring opportunities, but none better than when Alex Burgun-Tower (BT)headed a free kick past the Masco keeper. That goal would have tied the game. Unfortunately, BT was called offsides. Anil Singhal played another great game in net for the Warriors. He was fought off several point blank shots which kept the Warriors in the game. Sophomore Griffin McGrail continues to show that he deserves quality time for hustle and ball control under pressure. “He has great vision on the field,” noted former Warrior head Bill Snow.

NEXT GAME: Wednesday at Bedford (League Game)